Breaking Bricks at AVCon 2017

Thank you to The Indie Games Room for the experience of showing of Breaking Bricks at AVCon! Was an awesome experience. Met some great people, made some new friends and got some more confidence in myself and my game.

Got a lot of valuable feedback to improve the game which will definitely make it a more accessible and enjoyable for people.

Overall I think people really enjoyed the game and most played it for at least 15 minutes. about 3 or 4 groups of people even played enough to actually complete a play through (about 30 + minutes).

Saw some great games too and can’t wait to share some of these new indie games I have found with friends.

Things about the game which I have noticed when watching players. (other than out right bugs!)

  • Physics needs to be simpler when the ball hits unbreakable bricks
  • Better vision of players when in a 4 player mode, as you can easily get lost where you are
  • Multiplayer modes need to be shorter
  • Make it a little bit easier
  • A mode to have the balls individually assigned to your paddle

I am putting in these changes into the game.

Here are some photos that didn’t really capture the experience…