Breaking Bricks 0.93 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.93 Alpha released.

This new build is a massive update. Much more complete and smooth gameplay. Now you can quick save your game, an intro has been added to the game, new power ups and collectibles and much more…

Check out the game here at


Now you can quick saves your progress…
An intro sequence has been added to the main game.
Ball physics greatly improved.
Music and sound test mode is here!

Change Log


  • BETTER PLAY: Ball physics updated now the ball is more predictable and more logical.
  • MORE STORY TELLING: An intro has been added to the main game.
  • NEW GAME MODE: ‘Marathon Mode’ let’s you play all the levels in Breaking Bricks in sequence.
  • NEW POWER UPS AND COLLECTIBLES: Diamonds are now in the game and worth mega points as well as a new Powerup – the magnet.
  • NEW MENU OPTIONS: Sound test mode. Display settings and refine your controls (no redefining the gamepad buttons yet)
  • NEW BRICK TYPES: Diamond and Dark Diamond Bricks are now in the game.
  • BETTER SOUND: All sound effects levels tweaked.


  • NEW LOOK: HUD redesigned and each player gets their own messages.
  • DISPLAY SETTINGS: You can now tweak the display settings.


  • Scoring system re done.
  • Collisions updated all breakable bricks, bosses and enemies can be hit with Jetbat, by raming or by dashing the bat into an enemy.
  • Grey unbreakable bricks are taken out of the game as no longer needed with the Ball physics update.
  • Titatium bricks might drop diamonds now and then.
  • Freeplay (50 credits mode) added.
  • New sounds in whistle in Volleyball mode, extra credit sound and paddle strike sound.
  • Unbreakable bricks explode their contents will flow into the play field- even coin bricks!
  • Dash tweaked and much more useful. Now you can break bricks by dashing into them.
  • If a paddle hits a switch brick it will just be disabled – won’t kill the player anymore.
  • Bugman Boss Battle tweaked  – level slightly different.
  • Generator Boss Battle tweaked – now has an extra attack and vulnerability and levels that are generated are tweaked.
  • Ufo Ship Boss Battle tweaked – now sometimes comes in front of barrier and can drop more variety in power ups.
  • Max fire power cheat now in the game.
  • In Volleyball Mode balls can no longer hit clouds.
  • In competitive Mode the amount of wins needed to get a crown is reduced to 4 instead of 6.
  • Bubbles holding coins, gems, capsules, fire and slime have been added and can appear on a level random.
  • Getting a fire ruby now makes the coin splash to generate ‘ruby glass bricks’ basically you get rubies instead of coins.
  • Hearts are now in the main game – if you can find one you’ll get an extra credit.
  • Competitive mode now starts with a random level instead of always level 2
  • High scores display has been made smaller to contain an extra digit as it was possible to max out the scores
  • If you are cheating in the game you can’t get a high score
  • orb graphic is now a pearl since the game is about mining now

The next update will focus on tweaking the game play and finishing all the intended features of the game. We are on the home stretch.