Breaking Bricks 0.92 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.92 Alpha released.

This new build has fleshed out multiplayer modes, boss battle tweaks and new sounds. This release makes the game play and game modes offered in the game nearly 100% complete there is only one more game mode to put into the game and all features will be there!

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Bubbles trap some left over balls from the previous level…
Volleyball mode in action
The best way to work out who is the best brick buster

Change Log


  • NEW MULTIPLAYER: Volleyball mode is complete with ‘simple’ and ‘advanced’ rule sets. Advanced rules make it much more like real life volleyball.
  • NEW MULTIPLAYER: Competitive mode for those looking to go head to head this mode will decide who is the better brick buster.
  • NEW POWER UP IN INVADER MODE: Players can collect a red and orange ‘F’ for Flame Bat which fires fire bullets – they are slower but more powerful.
  • INTRODUCING ‘BUBBLES’:  In Normal mode If a player passes a level and there are unclaimed balls (grey) they will regenerate in the next level trapped in a bubble and will be released into the game if a ball, bullet or paddle strikes them!
  • LEVEL SET SIX REDESIGNED: Many levels in level set 6 have been re designed to offer a bit more variety.


  • BALL ANIMATIONS: Spark, heat and blast balls now have some animation.
  • UNIQUE STATUS BARS : Endless, Invader and Boss Rush modes now have their own status bar graphic.
  • FULL SCREEN MODE: If you tap or click on the screen it will go into full screen mode.
  • GAME BORDER: The game now has a boarder and a splash of colour.


  • The way soft bricks behave has been simplified.
  • The Three Ghost Bosses battle has been simplified.
  • The Dragon Boss battle has been simplified .
  • The Evil Paddle Boss battle has been made easier.
  • Paddlesmash (when a paddle breaks into two) doesn’t go through unbreakable bricks anymore.
  • In invader mode if your paddles dies it will re spawn with the correct graphic
  • Titanium brick graphic slightly changed.
  • Unbreakable bricks no longer spam collisions
  • Various new sounds put into the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Endless Mode should work properly now.
  • Garbage collection now more efficient.
  • Various small bugs fixed.

The next update will focus on finishing the look and feel of the game. All sounds and music finished, menu options and transitions will look nice. This is the ‘style update’. So the game can be ready to make trailers and promotion videos.