Breaking Bricks 0.91 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.91 Alpha released.

This new build has savable high scores, bug fixes, polish and a few gameplay tweaks.

Check out the game here at

Change Log


  • NEW BRICK TYPE: added ‘grey brick’ this unbreakable brick creates a natural bounce when a ball hits it. The bounce from these bricks is more natural and predictable. Even a bomb ball will bounce. They can be destroyed by an explosion though.
  • NEW POWER UP: added a secret ‘Fire Ruby’ which rarely appears instead of a Ruby if you collect it all bricks will turn to yellow glass bricks for a limited time.
  • NEW BALL TYPE: when getting a bomb ball there is a rare chance of getting a ‘blast ball’ which can blow up several times. much destruction it is black with an X in the middle.


  • SECRET LEVELS: there are 6 secret levels (one for each level set) now hidden with in the game – can you find them?
  • HIGH SCORES: players can now write in a high score and they are saved on local storage.
  • MORE COMPARABILITY: all graphics are loaded into the game as image files for better compatibility with browsers.
  • EASIER CONTROLS: ability to change the controls for player from ‘Slide’ and ‘Stiff’. ‘Stiff’ has less velocity drag making it easier for beginners.


  • Game now loads in the center of the screen.
  • When using attractor sound has been turned down.
  • Tweaked many level designs.
  • Titanium brick graphic slightly changed.
  • Black and cyan unbreakable bricks now can contain hidden points / collectibles.
  • Golden Skullman now has his own graphics rather than using a tint of the Skullman sprite.
  • On levels which have a ‘rain of fire’ the is no sound when they are generated.
  • If you hold down or weak hit for 3 seconds paddle will not use special effects. This makes it easier and feel more natural to control.
  • when a boss is destroyed its body will decay automatically after some time this is to prevent any problems if the boss corpse lands in a unreachable place.
  • Favicon added to browsers so now Breaking Bricks has a little logo in top corner of browsers.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed in Endless Mode when a bomb explodes.
  • Fix bug when using drop bombs on levels that moved (the explosions continued to break bricks after they have exploded).
  • Fixed number of bricks left on Golden Skullman Boss Battle.
  • When the game goes into a Game Over mode it now has a timer for a player to press start and the game is paused properly.
  • Invader mode fixed some counter issues with Hopper and Big Hopper
  • Fixed a colour issue when using warp bat with special colours
  • If level is moving and warp bricks are in the level they now update their warp positions.
  • Garbage collection added to Endless Mode so the game leak resources.
  • Paddles no longer auto launch balls and bat’s don’t expire in Volley, Competitive and Endless modes


The next update will focus on the multiplayer modes and hopes to provide complete game play for the extra modes of the game.

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