Breaking Bricks 0.93 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.93 Alpha released. This new build is a massive update. Much more complete and smooth gameplay. Now you can quick save your game, an intro has been added to the game, new power ups and collectibles and much more… Check out the game here at   Change Log Gameplay BETTER PLAY: Ball

Breaking Bricks 0.92 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.92 Alpha released. This new build has fleshed out multiplayer modes, boss battle tweaks and new sounds. This release makes the game play and game modes offered in the game nearly 100% complete there is only one more game mode to put into the game and all features will be there! Check out

Phaser.js input keyboard mappings

This one is for those who are developing in the HTML5 game framework of Phaser. If you are dealing with defining keyboard inputs and can’t seem to find the right wording to map that subtract button on the numpad or how to make the ‘Esc’ key work in your game. Here is how Phaser defines the

Breaking Bricks 0.91 Alpha Released

Breaking Bricks 0.91 Alpha released. This new build has savable high scores, bug fixes, polish and a few gameplay tweaks. Check out the game here at Change Log Gameplay NEW BRICK TYPE: added ‘grey brick’ this unbreakable brick creates a natural bounce when a ball hits it. The bounce from these bricks is more